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Product Highlights
Image NHi-1553 SOIC Data Bus Transceiver -- Smallest Hermetically Sealed Data Bus.
The NHi-1565 SOIC dual transceiver is the only fully compliant 1553/1760 data bus transceivers in a hermetically selaed ceramic SOIC package.  Each receiver converts the 1553 Manchester encoded bi-phase data to a complementary Rx and RX_LTTL digital outputs.  The dual 1553 data bus transceiver also provides a "receiver enabled" for each channel.  The device provides an independent transmitter inhibit for each channel.  The NHi-1565 is available in 3.3V and 5V versions.  It is also available in MacAir.
Image NHi-15137 Dual 1553 Transceiver -- A reliable drop-in replacement or the Aeroflex UT63M125.
The NHi-15137 receivers convert Manchester II bi-phase data into complementary digital outputs.  The transmitters convert complementary digital inputs into Manchester II bi-phase data.  Each transmitter has an independent digital inhibit.  The NHi-15137 comes in three package styles: plug-in, flat pack, and flat pack with gull wing formed wings.  Three grades are available: Industrial -40°C to +85°C, Industrial -55°C to +125°C, and Military Grade.
Image NHi-158xx Terminal+™ --NHi's Terminal+™, the ultimate Mil-Std-1553/1760 solution in a single package.
NHi-158xx uses Beta Transformers in the manufacture of these devices ensuring the best possible waveshapes & minimal dynamic offset.  With dimensions of only 1.05" x 0.75" x 0.185" it still contains 117 over-sized balls with large pitch to eliminate solder shorting risks.  It offers a 5V or 3.3V transceiver option, PCI target or local bus interface and dual port, double-buffered 64K x 16 SRAM.
Image NHi-15901  Bus+™ --NHi's Bus+™, the world's smallest 1553 data bus transceiver/transformer integrated into a single package.
NHi-15901 is compliant with Mil-Std-1553, it contains NHi's proprietary transceiver ASIC and the Beta 1553 dual ratio transformer.  The NHi-15901 is short circuit tolerant, utilzes low standby power and has superior noise filter features. The Bus+ offers superior flexibility and functionality in a low-power-consumption, small footprint package.
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