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Technical Capabilities

  • Immersion copper plating of leads prior to solder dipping in lieu of expensive Au plating.
  • MCM technology.
  • Microwave fine line capability.
  • Glass to metal seals including hermetic optical windows.
  • Flux-less soldering below 2% voids.
  • Lead free solder technology.
  • Analytical Material Analysis.
  • Attachment of copper wires to Thick Film PdAg material (QML Process).
  • Broad spectrum of lead forming.
  • Plugger technology, feed thru holes for enhanced thermal and electrical characteristics.
  • Plastic molded ball grid array assemblies.
  • Wafer and substrate dicing capability.
  • Custom resistor chips with special tailored TCR requirements utilizing thick film material.
  • Plated micro grid arrays.
  • Aluminum Nitride for high power dissipation in packages.
  • Al 2O 3 Refractory capability.
  • Aluminum Nitride Refractory capability.
  • Mil screened ceramic Opto-Coupler.
  • High temperature brazing capability.
  • High temperature sealing glass for custom packages.
  • Hermetically sealed high voltage and/or current hybrid flat pack style packages.
  • Ultra low line resistance ( @ 4 milliohms) for high power packaging requirements.
  • Nickel and copper direct bond ceramic plating.
  • Ag plating to thick film material.
  • Fine line copper circuitry.
  • Immersion Au and Cu plating.
  • Direct die attach to heat sink.